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Provide a virtual community for your members with secure group and team channels, live online sessions, private text and video chats, SMS and email alerts, member management and scheduling tools, and more!

Reach out to the COMMUNITY+ Team to learn more.


Create Your Virtual Community

Organize your groups and teams into secure chat and video channels to instantly communicate with your members



With flexible pricing plans, pay for the number of sessions you host annually --
NO per member or per player fees ever!

Pay for what you need and we'll support you as your community grows.

Tier 3

Tier 1

Up to 200 Sessions

As low as $3 per session

Tier 2

Up to 500 Sessions

As low as $2.50 per session

Up to 1000 Sessions


As low as $2 per session

Not sure how many sessions you plan to host annually?
Contact us and we'll help find the right plan for your community.

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What Customers Say

"The COMMUNITY+ platform is simple, intuitive, and works seamlessly with Discord to make running our online sessions a breeze. We are very excited to continue our business relationship with the COMMUNITY+ Team as we expand TEAMCRAFT throughout the Oregon community."

Brian Westlund / President / Teamcraft


Meet the Community+ Team

Community+ was founded by a team of everyday users with over 30 years of combined experience in technology, esports and traditional sports management, non-profit support and services, safety, and risk compliance. Through all their experiences, across their many different fields of expertise, it was clear to see that there was a gap in technology solutions for affordable, safe and private online communication and team management. Throw in the COVID pandemic, where everyone was moving their work online, and it became painfully clear that our community-based organizations needed some help providing easy and affordable solutions to their members.

Enter Community+. Our team jumped all-in to create a new online solution that can work independently or in support of existing technologies and workflows established by your organization. Meet our knowledgeable Community+ team to find out how we can add value to your community.


Nate Parent

Founder, Chief Executive Officer


Gordon Freeman

Co-Founder, Chief Architect

David Mays.png

David Mays

Chief Revenue & Strategy Officer


Kimberly Kiledjian

EVP, Business Development

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Getting Started

Ready to jump right in? Or maybe you'd like to schedule a demo?
Call or email our team now.

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